Tim Kenney

A conversation with Tim Kenney about living better with pain. 

And a thank you to Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW
and the lovely, helpful, inspired Tara Brach (Tara Brach). 
Does Tim Kenney live at a 1? A 10? A 5?
Is distraction good or just a way to run away?
Is running away bad?
Is authenticity overrated?

Find out. 
And have a laugh as we loosen up a bit and try a drumroll.  
All without judgment. 

TIM KENNEY is Creative Director and CEO of Tim Kenney Marketing Partners, and has over 40 years of experience in the design, marketing, and advertising industry. Tim’s work has been published in two volumes of American Corporate Identity, Logo 2000 and Logo 2001 and, under his direction, his agency has garnered over 100 design awards…and still counting.

Tim was founding Art Director of Regardie's, the national award-winning business magazine, which defined a new territory in business communications. As a magazine design and positioning specialist, Tim was personally responsible for the redesign of Equus, Polo, Cathedral Age, Glass, Global Business, Symphony and Preferred Traveller magazines. While Art Director ofCommon Cause 
magazine, an investigative journalism publication, the magazine garnered the "General Excellence" Award from the National Magazine Awards.

As a writer, Tim has been published in InPrint and Successful Magazine Publishing, been reviewed in various design publications, including Print, The International Design Journal, Magazine Design and Production, and Folio, and recently interviewed by Desktop Publisher. In frequent demand as a speaker and teacher, he is an adjunct professor for media at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC, and has lectured on design and advertising at the George Washington University School of Journalism, and at The American University. He also consults to many organizations throughout the United States.

Tim is in great demand as a marketing consultant recently, and is authoring two books in his spare time which he never finds enough of. 

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